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California Driver’s License Restoration

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If you live in the state of California, you understand the unique conditions that make driving privileges a must. With over 22 million licensed drivers, California leads the nation in drivers. Loss of driving privileges can have a devastating impact on your life in many cases- leading to loss of employment and difficulty in getting to medical appointments, shopping for essentials and getting children to school.

If you have had your driver's license suspended, it is important to know what you can do to have your driving privileges restored. Contact our San Diego DUI attorney at Mark R. De Yoe, APLC with the experience and skill you need to fight for restoration of your driver's license. Know what you can do to have your driving privileges restored.

Can I regain my license in California once it has been suspended?

Driver in Car - Driver's License Restoration in California

If your license has been suspended due to an alcohol related offense such as drunk driving, it is essential to know what you need to do next. Once you have received notice from the DMV of their intent to suspend your license, you must file a request for a hearing within 10 days. Failure to do this in the time allotted can eliminate your opportunity to request restoration of your driving privileges.

In California, you may be able to request a restricted driver license if you can prove hardship. There are some DUI offenses that do not allow a driver to seek this privilege. If this is your first DUI related offense, you are likely able to seek this type of license. Those who have had a prior DUI offense within the past ten years may not seek a restricted license.

Once your license has been suspended for the mandatory 30 days, you will have to abide by the following to obtain a restricted license:

  • Enroll in a licensed DUI First Offender program
  • File a Proof of Enrollment Form with the DMV
  • Pay $125 in reissuance fees
  • Prove financial responsibility
  • Request an Employment and DUI Program restriction

So what is this type of license? Basically, it allows a driver permission to drive, but only under certain conditions and circumstances. For example, if a driver gets their license suspended, but must continue to drive in order to get to work, then their restricted license may allow them to drive only to and from work and only during certain hours.

For some people, a restricted license is not an option. When this is the case, restoring your driver’s license may be a little more difficult:

  • Remain off the road during the mandatory suspension period
  • Abide by the terms of your criminal conviction
  • Pay a driver’s license reissuance fee
  • Pay fines to the court
  • Complete a DUI program and a Notice of Completion Form
  • Submit proof of insurance and financial responsibility

California is a driving state. Being without a license is enough to cause anyone undue hardship in their lives. Working with a DUI defense attorney can help ensure that you are without a license for the shortest amount of time possible and that all steps are followed to ensure your rapid return to the road.

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