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Is the DMV threatening to suspend your driver's license after being charged with driving under the influence (DUI)? Many people do not realize that 10 days following your DUI arrest, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) takes rapid steps to suspend your driver’s license- whether or not you are found to be guilty in a DUI court case.

After you have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence, you must be prepared to face both the courts and the DMV regarding your rights. With the help of a San Diego DUI defense attorney, you can stand up to the DMV and ensure that the only restrictions placed on your freedom to drive are those imposed by the court.

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What should I expect from a DMV license hearing?

After an arrest for DUI, a police officer will take possession of your driver’s license and issue you a temporary license that expires in 30 days. This informs you that it is mandatory that the request for an appointment for an administrative license suspension hearing be made within 10 calendar days. You will lose your right to a hearing if you contact the DMV after this 10 day period, so it is important that you act quickly to get this taken care of.

DMV hearings differ from DUI court since they are not presided over by a judge and take place outside of a courtroom. While relaxed, you will be entitled to argue your case with the help of your DUI defense attorney.

With the help of your attorney, you will be able to:

  • Challenge BAC and other evidence
  • Provide your own testimonial of the events
  • Present and question witnesses and officers
  • Cross-examine witnesses in the case

What you can expect at a DMV hearing is for a DMV employee to evaluate the evidence surrounding your arrest. This will likely involve evidence from field sobriety tests as well as breath and blood test evidence. The best chance that you will likely have in fighting against the evidence against you is by procuring the help of a DUI attorney like Mark R. De Yoe, APLC. A DMV hearing serves the dual benefit of allowing our lawyer to learn what the prosecution has against you and develop defense strategies in response

Attorney De Yoe can help you keep your driver’s license!

Driving privileges are essential to a California lifestyle. Due to the layout of the metropolitan areas and California's unique public transportation system there are more drivers in California than any other state with a total of nearly 23 million licensed drivers. When fighting to maintain your driving privileges, Attorney Mark R. De Yoe, APLC has the experience and skill you need to defend your rights.

He has nearly 30 years of experience in getting clients’ licenses restored so that they do not have to face permanent restriction. He has also been successful in helping clients obtain what is known as a restricted license. This license can be issued to those who have had their licenses suspended, but still need to drive due to some type of hardship the suspension imposes.

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