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Facing a 4th DUI Charge? You Need an Attorney Who Gets Results

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In California, a DUI offense can be considered a felony in a variety of ways. Typically, a DUI will be considered a felony if it was a fourth DUI offense (misdemeanor non-injury) within a ten-year period (violation date to violation date). A DUI will also be considered a felony if there was an accident that caused injury to some other person or persons. The most significant aspect of a felony charge is that one will face the possibility of being sentenced to serve time in a California State Prison as opposed to their local jail.

Get Aggressive Defense After a 4th DUI Conviction

In a felony DUI case an attorney’s experience and the attorney/client advance preparation are vital factors for the success of the case. These aspects can make the difference between a sentence to State Prison and a custodial alternative such as house arrest or work furlough. Attorney De Yoe has over thirty years of experience guiding individuals toward their best options. He can guide you through the early stages of the process, up to the time of sentencing.

Attorney De Yoe is dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible result for your case so that you don’t have to suffer severe, long-term consequences.

For Example: In a San Diego Superior Court Felony DUI case (by way of it being a fourth offense within ten years) a client had been weaving badly on the freeway. He was stopped by the CHP, arrested, and ended up blowing a .19% BAC. Due to the guidance provided by Attorney De Yoe, combined with substantial undertakings on the part of the client, the Prosecutor had No Objection to a grant of Probation (taking State Prison out of the picture) and having the client undertake a program that included wearing an ankle bracelet to detect both physical location and alcohol consumption.

This program not only helped the people of the State of California have a safer member of the community, it helped that individual client turn his life completely around for the better. These can be win-win-win cases for all concerned and are tremendously satisfying for all to be a part of.

Separate Yourself from the Pack!

Although many judges and prosecutors may start out with the most neutral of dispositions, after a long period of time hearing one horrific DUI case after another, many become just plain tired of seeing new offenders in their courtrooms. This is understandable because they are human beings and because it is true that so many do nothing to address their underlying issues and alcohol problems.

In these circumstances, San Diego DUI defense attorney Mark De Yoe provides additional resources to his clients to help them turn around one hundred and eighty degrees. He provides seasoned and experienced counsel for clients struggling with alcohol, and can guide them toward a safer and healthier path. This can enable individuals to save their job, their home, and their family—in short, their life.

There is so much at stake in a felony DUI case; nothing about them can be taken for granted. Attorneys who really care about their community and their clients’ well-being can obtain, with a lot of work, results that seem unobtainable from the outset. For decades Mark De Yoe has cared to see his clients obtain these kind of results and live better lives.

Fight Back with an Experienced DUI Defense Lawyer!

A felony DUI charge is a most serious offense that could reap adverse effects on one’s life for years. It is in one’s best interests to secure the respected and effective legal representation of Mark De Yoe. Call Mark toll free at (855) 722-6041 for a free initial consultation and case evaluation today!

Mark is an attorney has been serving clients in San Diego for more than 30 years and has secured numerous positive case results during this time. For tried and true defense, schedule a free case consultation with an attorney that provides personalized attention to your case and custom defense strategies to secure the best outcome obtainable.

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