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Avoiding a DUI on Saint Patrick's Day

Everybody is Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day as the green alcoholic beverages, such as Green Guinness, are poured. The luck of the Irish, however, will not be enough to prevent you from getting a DUI if you choose to drink and drive. In order to appropriately enjoy the holiday and avoid obtaining a criminal record, our San Diego DUI lawyer has provided tips on avoiding a DUI.

St. Patty's Day DUI

  • Remember the Rules of Your Metabolism – Your body will take around an hour to metabolize a beer or one shot of alcohol. Keep that in mind as you gage your ability to drive home after a party.
  • Make Sure You Have a Designated Driver – If you are planning to drink this weekend, make sure you have a trusted friend who will be your party’s designated driver.
  • Avoid Salty Snacks – When people consume salty snacks, they tend to drink beverages faster and in greater quantities, which ultimately leads to a higher blood alcohol content (BAC) reading if tested by a police officer.

Apps to Help You Get Home Safely & Avoid a DUI

There are numerous apps that you can download before the celebrations begin to ensure that you can return home safely and DUI free at the end of the night. Uber and Lyft are two ride sharing services that provide an alternative to a taxi service. Finding a safe ride home, even if you do not have a designated driver, has never been easier than it is now in this age of technology. All you need is a smart phone to download the apps and have a driver take you home at an affordable price!

What to Do if Pulled Over

If you happen to be pulled over this weekend, ensure that you are courteous and cooperative toward the police officer. You do not, however, have to answer any questions that are self-incriminating. Politely tell the officer that you need to speak with your lawyer before performing a field sobriety test or answering any incriminating questions.

If you are arrested for DUI, make sure that you do not hesitate to retain the legal services that our firm offers. Defend your rights and freedom by contacting Mark R. De Yoe, APLC. We can get started right away building a powerful defense that can discount the testimony of the police officer and prosecution. We have three decades of achieving DUI victories on behalf of our clients, so schedule your free case evaluation today.