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How DUI Over Summer Break Could Ruin Your Future College Plans

According to a survey conducted by Niche, a college website dedicated to helping prospective college students find the right schools for them, both UC San Diego and San Diego State are in the Top 20 of “Top 20 Party Schools in California.” San Diego, with its coastal climate and Gaslamp Quarter teeming with trendy bars, makes for the perfect environment for students to relax and blow off some steam after the stressful year of exams and essays. While many students understand that heavy fines, possible jail time, and license suspension are a consequence of DUI many are not aware of the consequences a DUI conviction could have on their future.

In this blog. our San Diego DUI lawyer explains how a DUI conviction could affect your college application acceptance, financial aid, and school privileges.

Under Age DUI

California has a zero-tolerance policy for underage DUI; meaning, if you are under the age of 21 and you are caught driving with a blood alcohol content level of over .01%, you could be arrested and charged with DUI. If you are convicted of underage DUI, you could face up to one-year license suspension, $100 fine, and mandatory alcohol education classes. The fine does not include the cost to reinstate your license, attorney fees and other court fees associated with your DUI case. According to, the total cost of your DUI is estimated at $45,435, which is about the cost of four years of tuition at UC San Diego or San Diego State University.

Undergrad & Graduate School Acceptance After a DUI

When you apply to grad school, nursing school or medical school, you are required to disclose if you have been convicted of a crime. Many colleges have policies against admitting students with criminal records. Other schools may take your DUI into consideration when deciding to admit you or not. Often, a candidate with similar credentials and a clean criminal record would be chosen before admitting an applicant with a criminal record. If you have been convicted of a DUI, the best thing you can do is take actions to demonstrate you have learned from your mistake.

Consider taking the following actions:

  • Attending drug or alcohol counseling
  • Volunteering in the community
  • Volunteer at non-profits fighting against drunk driving

Financial Aid & Scholarships

If you are convicted of a felony DUI, most financial aid programs, will not award you financial aid. You may still consider private scholarships and financial aid, however, most of those programs will ask you if you have ever been convicted of a crime. A DUI on your record could tip the scales in favor of another candidate.

College Substance Abuse Policies

In addition to the above consequences, you could also face a loss of academic privileges. Many universities have substance abuse policies enforced if a student is convicted of DUI or other criminal conviction. These could include, exclusion from school sponsored social events, suspension, or dismissal.

College can be an incredibly stressful time which is why you need an experienced DUI lawyer in your corner. Attorney Mark R. De Yoe has helped people like you with their DUI charges for over 30 years.

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