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Can You Be Punished For An Out-Of-State DUI?

As a driver, the state that issued your driver’s license is responsible for your actions on the road. This means that, for example, if you were caught speeding in Arizona but you are from California, the state of California is responsible for ensuring your punishment. This can be complicated when states have different laws regarding, not only the rules of the road, but also how they punish drivers that do not abide by these laws.

In order to compensate for the different laws in different states, 45 states across the country have established the Interstate Driver’s License Compact (DLC) to exchange information about the driving records that occur to non-residents in these states.

If you or a loved one have been arrested for driving under the influence in San Diego, consulting with a DUI attorney can help you determine your next steps. Even if you do not live in California, you may need aggressive defense on your behalf!

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How the DLC Affects Your License

According to the rules of the DLC, any traffic violation occurring in a member state affects your license and driving record as though it occurred in your home state. This includes any charges of driving under the influence you may be facing. The only states that are not members of the DLC are Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

Under the DLC:

  • You may only have one driver’s license belonging to one state.
  • You are unable to maintain multiple driver’s licenses for multiple states.
  • Any traffic violation that occurs in another state will be reported.
  • The laws of your home state will apply to out-of-state violations.
  • No action can be taken by your home state if an equivalent law does not exist.

This means that a DUI occurring in California will carry the penalties of your home state, regardless of the difference in law. While some California violations do not require the installation of an ignition interlock device, for example, other states will require that you install one upon your first DUI conviction.

Your San Diego DUI may carry significant penalties that you are not even aware of! For more information about how you can be affected by a DUI charge in California, check out the second blog in our Spring Break blog series, showing how a DUI conviction can affect your college enrollment.

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