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In a typical San Diego DUI court case, an individual's first court date is often 30, sometimes even 45 days away. This means that the plea bargain – negotiated by one's defense attorney – is worked out 60 to 75 days after the date of the incident. That huge amount of time gives a defendant in a DUI case a huge opportunity. During that time period, the defendant can do a number of things in order to look better to the prosecutor by the time the case is settled. Making positive changes can show the prosecutor that they are someone deserving of much better treatment by the court system.

San Diego DUI defense attorney Mark R. De Yoe has been giving clients extremely effective counsel on the substantial number of things that can be done while waiting for the court date to approach. These things can help clients end up with a vastly better result in San Diego DUI cases. Some of these things are small and easy to get done – but are terribly important to the prosecutor – and can clear the way to a better deal and dismissal of other serious charges (such a reckless driving, child endangerment, hit and run, etc.).

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Giving extremely effective counsel on the things that can be done while awaiting court is one of the things that distinguishes the law firm of Mark R. De Yoe, APLC from literally hundreds of other attorneys lacking Mark's three decades of DUI representation and defense know-how. You can call Mark at (619) 519-7385 right now for a free consultation to discuss a San Diego DUI case, and get started on fighting back for a better result in a DUI case.