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If you have been arrested for a DUI in San Diego, then you need representation when you head to court for your DUI trial. Without the right representation, you may have no chance of avoiding jail time, fines, and other expenses. Mark De Yoe is an attorney who cares and he wants to help you to avoid the penalties that you don’t deserve.

Mr. De Yoe has been practicing criminal defense and DUI law for mmore than 30 years, and is constantly refining and perfecting his practice. He can handle your DUI/DWI cases and drug violations. Mr. De Yoe is not daunted by felonies, and will handle most cases no matter how difficult.

Clients & Lawyers Alike Speak Highly Of Our Firm

Mr. De Yoe has a profile on Avvo where clients and attorneys are able to rate his service and professionalism on a scale of one to ten. Mr. De Yoe has merited an 8.3 on Avvo, which means that he is considered an “excellent” attorney. You can read his client reviews on this website to see what others have to say about Mr. De Yoe.

One client says that you “need this guy standing next to you in court” and explains that he was able to continue working and avoid jail because of Mr. De Yoe’s strategic defense tactics. Another client writes that all of his charges were dropped when he used Mark De Yoe and that he recommends this accomplished attorney to everyone he knows. Another attorney writes that Mr. De Yoe was far beyond the client’s expectations and provided outstanding service.

Mr. De Yoe cares about you, which is why he has dedicated his professional life to helping people in need of defense after they have been accused of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Mr. De Yoe understands that there is room for mistakes when the police issue these charges to a driver.

Sometimes, a breathalyzer may register a false reading, causing a false incrimination. In other cases, a driver may have been taking a prescription medication or may have eaten food that causes a BAC to rise even though the food does not actually have alcohol. Whether you were falsely accused or you were charged with a crime that is more than you can handle, you need to talk to a San Diego DUI attorney who can fight for your innocence.

In addition to bringing in excellent reviews from clients, Mr. De Yoe has also been endorsed by other lawyers in the industry. These attorneys often write on Mr. De Yoe’s Avvo account and explain why they would endorse Mr. De Yoe as a trustworthy attorney to work with. You can read these peer endorsements on his Avvo account if you want more information.

He started the Law Office of Mark R. De Yoe in 1985 and has been maintaining this one-attorney operation ever since. Mr. De Yoe runs his own law office so that he can deal with each case personally. When you call the law office, you won’t wonder if you are going to get to speak with Mr. De Yoe or not. He is an attorney who focuses on interpersonal communication and wants to work closely with you to defend you against the prosecution.

Can Attorney De Yoe help me?

As a graduate from the California Western School of Law, Mr. De Yoe has certain acquired the knowledge necessary to defend clients in court. Mr. De Yoe is a member of the California Lawyers DUI Association and the San Diego County Bar Association. He is also a member of the American Bar Association, the U.S District Court Southern District of California, the U.S. Court of Appeals 9 th Circuit, and the U.S. Federal Courts.

As well, he is a part of the U.S. District Court Central District of California and the U.S. District Court of Colorado. With such a vast amount of memberships, Mr. De Yoe has the ability to take your case to a higher level if the need arises. Attorney De Yoe is listed on HG Global Legal Resources , Insider Pages , Merchant Circle and Kudzu if you want more information about his practice and location. Many of these directories also have a place for client reviews so that you can learn more about how Mr. De Yoe is regarded by those who have worked with.

Attorney De Yoe understands that most of the time, DUIs happen late at night. You may be arrested at 2:00 a.m. and need an attorney to rush to your side and help you out in your first trial. That’s why Attorney De Yoe is dedicated to providing 24-hours service. No time is too late to call the firm and there is never a day that is too inconvenient to place your phone call. This way, when you are arrested late at night and need legal assistance at the police station or jail, you can rest assured that there is someone who will answer. Mark R. De Yoe, APLC offers services to both English and Spanish speakers so don’t let your language keep you from calling.

Mr. De Yoe can handle military DUIs and underage DUIs, so make sure that you call if you are in one of these special categories. As well, Mr. De Yoe is dedicated to fighting in DUI cases where child endangerment is involved or cases where there was injury. He also handles serious DUI manslaughter cases and will fight for defendants when they are the victims of a sobriety checkpoint or an unlawful police stop. Attorney De Yoe will accompany his clients to their court trials and their DMV trials depending on their needs.

If you are interested in hiring Attorney De Yoe to work on your case, then you can call him at (855) 722-6041. Mark R. De Yoe APLC invites you to compare his fees to that of the competition. You will find that there aren’t many firms that will provide the same excellent service for the rates that Mr. De Yoe offers. Check out the firm on their Google+ page if you want to get more information. They are also on Twitter. Make an appointment and come in for a consultation today!