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Military Discounts from Mark R. De Yoe, APLC

For over thirty years, San Diego DUI attorney Mark R. De Yoe has had the distinct honor of representing hundreds of outstanding servicemen, women, and officers, who have served in the United States Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and related Federal support agencies.

Our DUI lawyer truly goes the extra mile in representing the military by:

  1. Providing a significant military discount on a wide variety of DUI related offenses, up front, to those serving, or who have served,
  2. In working up the case, and
  3. Presenting copies of numerous awards, medals, letters of appreciation, letters of accommodation, evals, etc., together with a great many other types of military honors - such that the prosecutor in the case can see the service member's years of service to our country

He encourages the prosecution to take that into account when determining the following:

  • The disposition of a case
  • The fines and penalties

Mark R. De Yoe would like to stress that it has been his absolute pleasure to meet so many of these fine men and women over the years who have given their all, for all of us, in every military endeavor, and even more of an honor to represent these clients in a court of law.

If you are in the Navy, the Marine Corps, or another branch of the United States military, and you need an attorney who has proven himself dependable, dedicated, and effective in serving the needs of the military, call San Diego DUI attorney Mark R. De Yoe. Mark goes the extra mile for his military clients – because they deserve it!