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Stopped for DUI: Know Your Rights

It is appearing that the police agencies operating in San Diego County are stepping up their contacts with motorists these days. Whether it is in response to increasingly dangerous and aggressive driving on the part of motorists, or a need to collect additional revenues, or something more - the parking lots for the San Diego County Courthouses are packed like never before with individuals going to court.

For young adults planning to go out on the weekend, much thought should go in to who is drinking and who is driving, because young people know, the police agencies and California Highway Patrol are cracking down on everything like never before. One thing many drivers are not aware of however - is what a police officer is trained to go after, and what they as motorists must do when stopped for suspicion of driving under the influence.

Your Rights During a DUI Stop

People on many occasions would be wise to remember that they have a right to remain silent when they are being questioned by the police and they are no longer free to leave. They would also be wise to remember that while they do ultimately have to consent to taking either a breath test, or blood test, if lawfully arrested on suspicion of DUI, they can still decline to perform a host of field sobriety tests, but should do so in a polite manner.

In practice, officers observing the performance of field sobriety tests are looking to write up individuals for what - to others might seem - like completely insignificant or minor deviations from perfect field sobriety test performance. In many cases unfortunately, stopped individuals go way out of their way to communicate and demonstrate things to law enforcement personnel, not realizing that in today's world, those officers are trained to collect as much evidence as possible - for the purpose of it being used against them.

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