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SCRAM Bracelet Success in San Diego - Alternative Sentencing in Multiple DUI Offense Cases

Without a doubt one of the most positive and exciting developments in California DUI law concerns the new house arrest ankle bracelets, known as SCRAM bracelets. These new SCRAM bracelets can not only verify that a given individual is complying with his terms of probation as to their whereabouts (work/reside), but they can detect if one violates the terms of probation by consuming alcohol as well.

How Can I Benefit From a SCRAM Bracelet?

Thus now, thanks to the advances in modern technology that make the SCRAM devices possible, a judge can sentence a multiple DUI offender to custody satisfied by complying with the rules of a SCRAM program. Otherwise, the multiple DUI offender might have otherwise be looking at a long minimum mandatory jail sentence.

Most importantly, the courts and prosecutors can be informed, almost immediately, if one violates conditions by consuming alcohol. Therefore courts can now not only protect the public and really help one down the path to successful sobriety, but they can save the taxpayers incredible sums of money as well, that would otherwise have been wasted on incarcerating these individuals in local jails and state prisons.

The best approach would involve one going into the SCRAM program as early as possible after the violation date. This voluntarily imposed SCRAM program should then be supplemented by involvement in AA, or other self-help meetings, and possibly even the State sanctioned SB-38 (multiple offense) programs.

[Under relatively new California DUI laws, one benefit to such a comprehensive approach is that some multiple offenders may become eligible for what is known as an IID (ignition interlock device) restricted license, much faster - after they have participated in the SB-38 program for statutorily prescribed periods of time].

It is extremely rewarding to be involved in the process of turning one's life around for the better. For more information on alternative sentencing in a San Diego DUI case, and an effective and meaningful way to attack a multiple offense DUI case, call DUI attorney Mark R. De Yoe at (855) 722-6041.

Mark aims to not only help those charged with multiple offense DUI cases avoid jail, but to help them turn their life around for the better – for the benefit of all.