Out-of-State DUI Attorney in San Diego

Were you charged with DUI in California?

If you have an out-of-state license and were charged with drunk driving in San Diego, you need a DUI lawyer on your side who can represent you. While your license states that your home state is responsible for your driving privileges, a driver that has been arrested and charged with a California DUI may discover that the state that issued their license has the right to punish them based on the Interstate Driver’s License Compact.

Depending on your state's laws, it is possible that your home state driver's license can be suspended or revoked. To best deal with this situation, you want a DUI lawyer who is knowledgeable and experienced in handling this type of situation. Attorney Mark R. De Yoe, APLC knows exactly what actions to take to get you the best possible outcome.

Delaying in retaining your DUI lawyer can have negative consequences. It is best to act immediately! Call our San Diego DUI defense lawyer when you have been arrested and protect yourself now!

What happens when I hire a CA DUI attorney?

If you live outside of California, the arresting officer will inform you that you will lose the privilege to drive in California in 30 days. The California Department of Motor Vehicles will be notified about this suspension of driving rights and you, or your legal representative, will have to attend an administrative hearing.

Regardless of the outcome of the administrative hearing, a criminal court case will proceed against you. The court case in California can have a significant impact on any punishments taken against you by your home state.

Depending on the case, your DUI attorney can:

  • Obtain the necessary evidence needed to prove innocence
  • Negotiate a settlement or plea deal with the prosecution
  • Attend court on your behalf

Depending on the outcome of the case, you may have no charges or you may face charges in both your home state and California. Even further, this conviction will count towards any arrests made in your home state.

Get the Help You Need from Mark R. De Yoe, APLC

In California, you have 10 days following your arrest for DUI in which to request a hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Mark R. De Yoe can represent you in this hearing. He will know how to proceed to get the hearing scheduled and to fight for any possibility of dismissing the license suspension. He has a proven record of success in cases involving out of state DUI.

DUI convictions in San Diego can result in jail or prison time and significant fines. It is strongly recommended that you act with speed and get help from Mark R. De Yoe, APLC. He will review your case and advise you on the best course of action that will get life back under your control. For more information about out of state driving under the influence charges, check out our blog.

If you live outside of California and were arrested for a DUI while driving here, contact a San Diego DUI attorney at our firm today.