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We have all experienced the feeling of panic and urgency to get away from something harmful that we feel like we have caused or helped to cause. Although this is an incredibly uncomfortable feeling, we are obligated by law to remain at the scene of an accident where property was damaged, where persons were injured or where death resulted. Certain information is required to be exchanged with other drivers and given to law enforcement officials on the scene. In addition, it is the responsibility of everyone present to ensure that medical attention is received.

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Hit & Run Penalties

If those involved in the accident sustained no or minor injuries, you may be facing a misdemeanor charge. If serious personal injury or property damage occurred, you may find yourself up against felony charges. The amount of property damage caused; injuries caused to other drivers, passengers or pedestrians; and, whether or not there were any deaths are all factors that will determine the seriousness of the charges and the severity of the penalties.

There are some defenses that can be employed in response to the charges against you:

  • There was no damage to the vehicle or person that was hit
  • You tried to leave contact information but something happened
  • You were not the person involved in the accident
  • You were not driving the vehicle when it hit another car

The penalties for a hit and run can be very harsh. Jail time, prison time and fines amounting to thousands of dollars can be expected. With the help of an experienced and seasoned DUI lawyer you may be able to get reduced penalties, a dismissed charge or be acquitted at trial.

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