Mark R. De Yoe

San Diego DUI Lawyer

“Thanks to Mark, I had a professional by my side throughout this extremely difficult time. Mark, being the knowledgeable attorney that he is, kept me out of jail and I was able to continue to live my life. This guy knows the law and, together with his knowledge and determination, it is very safe for me to say if you get any type of DUI you need this guy standing next to you in court.”

-Former Client of Attorney Mark R. De Yoe

San Diego DUI attorney Mark R. De Yoe has helped thousands of clients, since sitting for and passing the State Bar Exams for the State of Colorado in 1983, and the State of California in 1985.

As can be expected from a lawyer who has so many stories to tell, Attorney De Yoe's criminal trial victories, and victories in DUI trials include a spectrum; from twelve to nothing, not guilty verdicts in cases ranging from double the limit, multiple offense DUI cases, to the more every day, first offense DUI's - in a range of BAC levels.

San Diego DUI defense lawyer Mark R. De Yoe has been helping people for over 30 years. There have been many years of very hard work to get Mark R. De Yoe's reputation for honesty, ethics and hard work to the widely respected point it is today – because Attorney De Yoe has always cared, really cared about his client's needs and welfare. When you really care for someone – you get the best for them. That is what Mark R. De Yoe, APLC has aimed to do for every case he has been entrusted with handling, since day one.

Hire a San Diego DUI Lawyer With a History of Success

A graduate of California Western School of Law and a 32-year veteran of the San Diego courts, Attorney De Yoe has won DMV Administrative Per Se hearing for as long as the California DMV APS laws have been on the books. (Back in the good old days – there were no DMV hearings to deal with, and the court handled any license suspension meted out in a case). While no lawyer can guarantee or promise that past success can ensure future results, especially with the ever more demanding California DMV, some of Attorney Mark R. De Yoe's San Diego DMV hearing victories from over the years have been truly stupendous.

These have included; .30 BAC cases, cases with very high blood alcohol levels, many with an accident, hit and run, and extremely tough refusal cases – where the DMV was out to suspend one's driving privilege for one full year – with no possibility for a restricted license of any kind. San Diego DUI defense lawyer Mark R. De Yoe fully appreciates just how necessary it is for people to be able drive to work in today's economy, Mark does all he can to come through for his clients, and save their licenses before the DMV. No possibility for a restricted license of any kind.

Success in Negotiating Alternative Sentencing

Another area where Attorney De Yoe has been victorious for his clients over the years concerns alternative sentencing in tough DUI cases, where prior offenses cause one to face huge jail or prison terms. Mark R. De Yoe, APLC has worked very hard in getting clients what is known as house arrest, with an electronic ankle bracelet, for many years.

In a very recent case, Mark obtained house arrest, electronic surveillance with a SCRAM bracelet in very tough, high blood-alcohol felony DUI case. To get this type of a result takes know how, a plan and execution of that plan. Most rewardingly, victory in this area concerns those who mustered the courage to turn their lives completely around, for the better. Mark has also obtained alternative sentencing in a wide variety of situations for those facing very tough third time DUI sentencing.

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