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If you were recently arrested for DUI, then you should waste no time in seeking legal representation from a Vista DUI lawyer. Mark R. De Yoe has been representing people just like you in DUI cases for 28 years in the San Diego courts. Over the years he has developed time-honored tactics that have helped his clients get their DUI charges reduced and in some cases dismissed. Regardless if your BAC registered at .08% or 0.15%, you are going to need an aggressive and creative lawyer fighting for your driver's license restoration at all costs.

DUI arrests can lead to serious charges of felony DUI. Even a first DUI offense can be prosecuted harshly when elements such as DUI & drugs, or DUI with injury, or DUI with child endangerment, or multiple DUI are involved. DUI penalties can involve jail time, driver's license suspension, hefty monetary fines, mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device, community service, and probation, not to mention a mark on your permanent criminal record!

Vista DUI Defense Lawyer

The state of California takes DUI cases very seriously, and DUI is therefore punished to the full extent of the law. Mark R. De Yoe will fight for you at the DUI preliminary hearing as well as the DMV hearing. Whether you are facing allegations of an underage DUI, an out of state DUI, or even vehicular manslaughter, there are a number of proven DUI defenses that the attorney has used in the past to get his clients' charges reduced or dismissed. He has helped both civilians, as well as local military personnel in their military base DUI cases obtain favorable case outcomes.

Whether you were involved in a hit and run, or if you were arrested for a BUI, regardless of your individual circumstances, you can benefit from the attorney's 28 years of DUI defense experience, in addition to the two decades of DMV experience he has accumulated. A DUI conviction will mean a permanent mark on your criminal record. Even a misdemeanor conviction can bar you from gaining certain jobs in the future; it can deter you from gaining housing, educational loans and certain professional licenses. You deserve a second chance; contact a Vista DUI lawyer from the firm today.

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