Chula Vista DUI Lawyer

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As you face an arrest or criminal charge for driving under the influence, it is important to be represented by an attorney who knows the laws pertaining to your particular area since the process and specific laws may differ across counties. Another advantage of choosing a lawyer who is intimate with the area is that he or she likely has relations with the local courts and Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Attorney Mark R. De Yoe is an experienced Chula Vista DUI attorney who has an in depth knowledge of the DUI process and the laws pertaining to this particular charge in the area. He has three decades of experience and during this time, he has successfully protected thousands of clients. His success is no surprise when you examine his skill and the passion he puts into his work. His philosophy is that if you care about someone, you want to get them the best result. Therefore, he puts his heart into the cases he handles and is thereby able to achieve the goals of his clients.

What Should I Do After My DUI Arrest?

Whether you have been charged with a simple misdemeanor or for an aggravated DUI offense, you need to act fast and get legal representation. Attorney Mark De Yoe can act as your legal advocate in the courtroom. He will begin with a case evaluation where you can discuss the details of your particular case. He will carefully examine each aspect of your case, from the initial police stop to the arrest. From there, he can scrutinize the breath and blood tests and field sobriety tests administered.

The firm handles all types of DUI cases throughout Chula Vista and the greater San Diego area. With Mark R. De Yoe as your Chula Vista DUI lawyer, you can expect the highest level of representation throughout the whole of your case, even with representation at the DUI preliminary hearing or an appeal.

Fight for Your Freedom Today

The legal process can seem overwhelming, especially if you are facing an out of state DUI charge or an underage DUI. Regardless of your circumstances, Mr. De Yoe is dedicated to preserving his client's rights and helping them reach the most favorable outcome given their unique set of circumstances. The right lawyer can mean the difference between going to jail and maintaining your freedom, contact the firm today.