What is SCRAM?

Answers from a San Diego DUI Defense Attorney

With all the stresses and strains of today's world – many good people end up blowing off a little too much steam over the weekend, and end up in a living nightmare – where they have picked up a new DUI case, and are absolutely terrified going to court to face the charges (often with prior convictions) with the prospect of jail - for the new DUI case.

The fact is however – there are a lot of things people can do - to greatly increase their chances of a favorable outcome, while awaiting their court date. With more than thirty years of experience, San Diego DUI defense attorney Mark R. De Yoe knows the many things that a defendant can do – proactively on their own – that can literally make the difference between House Arrest & State Prison. One very powerful new possibility, that defendants facing court can do – is to voluntarily wear an alcohol detecting ankle bracelet (SCRAM bracelet) as soon as possible.

Together with documentation regarding it's installation and monthly status reports, this new program enables defendants to definitively show the Courts and Prosecutors that they have turned their life around for the better and stopped drinking completely (such that jail time would not be in anyone's best interest – and that the new, positive lifestyle should be encouraged, for the betterment of all).

SCRAM's Ability to Prevent Drunk Driving

SCRAM, which stands for Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring, has reduced repeat offenses in hardcore drunk drivers by 45% as compared to non-wearers. In its most basic definition, a SCRAM device is a bracelet worn around an individual's ankle that monitors alcohol consumption. Every 30 minutes, the device samples the perspiration of the wearer in order to check their blood alcohol levels.

Wearers are required to plug their device into a base station at home once a day. The data that is downloaded will then be sent to the SCRAM company and if alcohol is consumed, reviewed by SCRAM technicians before making its way to court officials.

More and more often, SCRAM is becoming the prescribed alternative to incarceration. Courts and law enforcement officials have found that the device is extremely effective in preventing subsequent offenses.

Some of the benefits of SCRAM include:

  • Extremely accurate information due to transdermal technology
  • Enforces abstinence, thus furthering the safety of others on the road
  • More effective than chemical tests and patches
  • Allows an individual to maintain day-to-day functions by avoiding incarceration
  • Gives individuals the chance to achieve sobriety

SCRAM requires a one-time service fee, as well as monthly payments to cover the cost of the device. The regular checks performed by SCRAM encourage sobriety far more effectively than any other device.

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