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If you have been arrested for drinking and driving, you do not have a moment to waste. You need an experienced heavyweight on your side to combat the charges and protect your future. You need Attorney Mark De Yoe. With more than three decades of legal experience and a history of successful case results, you can be confident knowing he will be there to fight for you.

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Get 30+ Years of Proven Defense Experience on Your Side

If you or a loved one has recently been charged with driving under the influence in San Diego, working with experienced legal representation should be your top priority. At Mark R. De Yoe, APLC, Attorney Mark De Yoe is prepared to aggressively fight on behalf of individuals charged with DUI, including even the most serious and challenging allegations.

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  • Over 30 Years of Defense Experience
  • A History of Successful Case Results
  • Personal Attention & Accessibility
  • Customized Defense Strategies
  • Free, No Obligation Case Evaluations
  • Discounts Available to Students, Senior Citizens & Servicemembers

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Whether you've been charged with your first DUI or are facing allegations for a felony driving under the influence, you can be confident that Attorney De Yoe has successfully handled a variety of cases throughout his many years of practice. Whatever your situation may be, a passionate and proven San Diego DUI defense attorney is prepared to guide you step-by-step through criminal proceedings and DMV hearings. Cases and issues Attorney De Yoe can address include:

Results that don't lie!

What truly makes the difference between a skilled lawyer and any other attorney is results. An attorney can talk all they want about the experience and knowledge they have, but the true test of excellence is in the results. Take one look at Mark De Yoe's case results and you will see why he has been trusted time and time again to defend those in the San Diego area against their drunk driving offenses.

Another benefit of hiring Mark De Yoe for DUI defense is the personalized service that he can offer. Unlike larger firms that spread their service thin over many clients, Mr. De Yoe offers individualized attention to each client that he represents. By doing so, he is able to focus in-depth on the evidence and other issues so that nothing gets brushed under the rug. He will offer comprehensive service to each client so that they have the best possible chance of a successful case result.

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Mr. De Yoe truly cares a great deal about his clients, their cases and their overall welfare. He has helped people in all kinds of dilemmas for over 25 years. Contact San Diego DUI attorney Mark De Yoe today!

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